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We are, a Large Retail Showroom with a Big Display of Three Floors
Our Showroom is One of the Best Display of Tiles and Sanitary Wares in Lahore

About Us

The history of a company which has captured the memories of millions of its customers is a strong witness to every moment of their joy and emotions bears testimony to the durability of its products. Al-Raheem Traders is one such company which began as a vision of the future and an adapting, ever-changing companion to every customer ever since and is now a trail-blazer for everyone to follow.

With the fantastic interior which is beyond imagination and the largest display centreĀ in the heart of city, we have a vast display of Tiles, Sanitary wares, C.P.Fittings, Pipes & plumbing materials, etc which makes the visitors choice easy. Since the showroom situated at heart of the city, it has the avenue for easy access for customers thereby making their shopping experience memorable.

Our display centres are also located in Faisalabad and the Capital, Islamabad.

Our offer

We believe we cover the best range of products in the Pakistan of wall tiles and floor tiles which are sourced from all over the world without compromising on quality, whilst offering the best prices. Our tile selection includes: Natural Stone tiles, Slate tiles, Glass tiles, Mosaic tiles, Ceramic tiles & Porcelain tiles, all in a variety of sizes. In addition to tile accessories, all of your Bathroom, Kitchen, Wall, Floor and Conservatory tiling and sanitary requirements can also be met under one roof.

Your friendly Tiles & Sanitary store

Customer satisfaction is our first priority as we put customer first. We are small enough to care about every customer who comes into one of our stores. If there is ever a problem that cannot be resolved in-store, our Chief Executive will deal with the problem personally. Not a bad guarantee!!

Pushy sales techniques are not employed by our Customer Representatives – our Advisors are there solely to provide you with specialist knowledge and advice, guiding you through our extensive tile range to ensure that you make the right decision in terms of quality and price.

As Oscar Wilde, the great writer who said ‘Morality in an Art consists the perfect use of an imperfect medium’, Al-Raheem Traders was able to build his business dynasty in the field of Ceramic and sanitary products by applying this simple technique.

When people wonder about the roaring success of Alraheem Traders, CEO Al Raheem Traders says it’s because of company’s ethical business practices like being customer friendly, offering competitive price, making ready stock available at all times etc. which helped the amazing growth of the Organisation as a whole.

Al Raheem Traders standing tall, with years of good service to its customers by procuring innovative products in bathroom fittings, made it possible through dedicated service.

With all this, Al Raheem Traders’ Journey continues with more strength and much more confidence with a view to strive its customers now and forever.